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Onigiri Recipe

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Onigiri is a delicious japanese rice snack made from japanese short grain rice (also known as Sushi Rice). Traditionally, it`s eaten with soy sauce or filled with bonito flakes (made from fermented, salted salmon) or pickled plum. But today the japanese convenience stores use to make onigiri with many different fillings like tuna, mayonnaise and much more. Japanese people love onigiri because of it´s portability, it´s taste and the low price: Onigiri can be carried around all day without tainting and the nori seaweed protects it from sticking together. It might be used for the bento box too. Onigiri is known all over the world, but only the triangular type is sold in Europe and America; in some regions of Japan people use to make balls or rolls of rice.

If you have some rice left, why don´t you make some onigiri? Here`s the recipe.

There`s one difference between the traditional onigiri and the ones that I made. I don´t want to carry around the soy sauce and I find the un-filled onigiri more tasty like with this seasoning: I made the rice like the kind that`s used for sushi.


– 2 cups of sushi rice

– 3 cups of water

If you do it like me: – 3 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/4 tbsp salt

– 2 nori sheets

– evtl. black sesame to garnish

1. Cook the rice

It will take 15 – 20 min´s. Let it cool down a bit.

2. Roast the sesame if you want to use some.


3. Spice the rice with the seasonings.

4. Wet your hands and pour some salt over them.


5. Form the rice balls (triangular or how you like)


6. Put the nori and garnish (or put it later to keep it crispy)



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Hey there I´m a swiss student living in Zurich. My blog is about foreign food and lifestyle; I choose one country per week to blog about.

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