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Homemade Bubble Tea Recipe – How To Make Tapioca Pearls From Tapioca Flour!

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Some years ago, bubble tea became a trend in Switzerland and as far as I know it´s popular in Asia and America since the 90s. But there are discussions all the time about the negative influence of bubble tea on our health; some people say, that it`s worse than coke and other soft drinks because of the quantity of sugar and artificial substances. That`s why I tried to make my own bubble tea with homemade tapioca pearls; I was very successful! It smelled like the best bubble tea in town, but much fresher. Besides, I was able to make it how I like it: With rice milk instead of milk and with matcha instead of common green or black tea.



Japanese matcha green tea powder

One thing you should know is that bubble tea wasn´t invented in Japan: The first bubble teas were made in China, but they became popular due to a japanese TV show. Anyway, it´s a typical japanese drink and loved by all asian people.

Here´s the recipe!

Ingredients (for two glasses; you should get it all in the asia shop):

3 tbsp tapioca flour

Some boiling water (has to be boiling, otherwise it won´t work)

1 cup of cooled down and sugared tea (green or black tea)

4 ice cubes

1 cup milk / rice milk / almond milk / soy milk…

evtl. jellies


Jellies with syrup

1. Mix the tapioca flour with one tbsp of the boiling water; leave the rest in the pot and continue boiling. Add more tapioca flour if the dough is too sticky and liquid. If you want, add tastes like vanilla for example.

2. Make small tapioca “balls” (bubbles) and put them into the boiling water; wait until they float on the water surface.

3. Put the bubbles into a bowl with cold water.

4. Make crashed Ice. Fill 1/3 of the glass with tea, another third with jellies, crashed ice and tapioca pearls and fill it up with milk.



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