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Dango (Sweet Japanese Rice Dumpling) Recipe

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Dango is a typical japanese dessert. Probably, most of you know it from the emoji on your IPhones 😉 It´s made from glutinous rice flour (sticky rice flour), water, sugar and natural flavors and belongs to the traditional wagashi: Japanese people use to eat wagashi with the tea or as dessert. This one (dango) is traditionally made for the O-hanami celebration, the time of cherry blossoms.

There are different ways of making dango, I`ll show you the easiest one.

Ingredients (for 3-4 dango skewers)

120 g glutinous rice flour

2 tbsp red syrup (I used raspberry syrup)

4 tbsp sugar (brown or white, how you prefer)

1 teasp. matcha tea powder

some boiling water

1. Put 1/3 of the rice flour into the first and the rest into the second bowl. Add sugar to the second bowl and syrup to the first one.


2. Transfer 1/2 of the second bowl to another bowl. Add matcha powder. Then add hot water to each bowl, until the dough is like bread dough; soft, but not too sticky.


3. Form little balls; 3-4 of each color.



4. Put the balls into the boiling water. Wait until they start to float on the water surface, then continue boiling them for 2 minutes.



5. Take the dumplings out of the water and put them on the small skewers. Evtl. garnish with sesame and brown sugar.




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Hey there I´m a swiss student living in Zurich. My blog is about foreign food and lifestyle; I choose one country per week to blog about.

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