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Tapas – The Spanish Apéro Snacks

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Tapas – The Spanish Apéro Snacks

Spanish people use to have delicious snacks with their drinks; they meet to have an after-work-beer and some tapas. Originally, tapas were invented to use leftovers. But today, you often eat them instead of a bigger meal or as a vesper and with the passing time the tapas became more sophisticated and delicious. Essential foods are tomatoes, eggs , toasted bread, jamon (spanish ham), olives, potatoes and mushrooms. The idea of tapas is:

– They should be an appetizer, not a heavy dish

– They shouldn´t leave you as hungry as you were before, but they shall fill you up neither

– What tapas you have depends on the season, the ingredients you have and – after these
two points – on what you like

In my opinion, what you like is more important than what you have; it won`t be a problem to buy the rest 😉
On the picture you see:
– Pan con tomate ( with jamon
– Tortilla with tomatoes (
– Mushrooms with garlic and parsley (
– Mini-Skewers with peperoni filled olives and sardines
– Potato coquettes (


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Hey there I´m a swiss student living in Zurich. My blog is about foreign food and lifestyle; I choose one country per week to blog about.

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