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The Structure of the Thai Cuisine

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Asian groceries on a market in Thailand

The thai food belongs to one of the most popular asian cuisines. As all asians, thai people use to cook quite healthy food; it`s not as fatless as japanese food but it`s balanced and you cook it following a main principle: Thai dishes are made by combining the 4 parts of

1. Meat / Seafood / Tofu

2. Vegetables

3. Seasonings & “Key ingredients” (special ingredients like tamarind or eggs or every other ingredient that doesn´t fit into one of these        categories)

4. Rice / Noodles

Many recipes allow to choose/change the vegetable and meat because the dishes typical taste and texture is given by part 3 and 4.

In general, you distinguish three types of dishes: Noodle dishes, soups and rice dishes. While the noodle dishes really are made with noodles, the rice dishes mean foods without carbs that are eaten with rice as a side dish. As contrasted with other asian countries, there aren´t many different kinds of rice in Thailand; for sweets thais use glutinous (sticky) rice and for the rest they use jasmine (perfume) rice. As the every day language name “perfume rice” says, jasmine rice has it`s very own fresh, delicious taste. That`s why you should always use jasmine rice for thai cooking (and not basmati!).

Well, now as you know the main things about thai cuisine, let`s start!


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