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Recipe: Yam Woon Sen – Thai Style Glassnoodle Salad

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Yam Woon Sen is a quite hot glass noodle (vermicelli) salad. I love it `cause the chili warm you up while the dishes´ texture with the noodles and the shrimps cools you down; it`s perfect for warm summer days to refresh you when you don`t like heavy foods. If you make the Yam Woon Sen as hot as it used to be, I suggest you to serve it with some jasmine rice. And if you have guests who don`t like it hot, put some chili on a separate plate to spice individually 😉

You need (for 2 persons):

– 100 gr glass noodles (also known as vermicelli)

– 1 tomato, diced

– 1 long green thai bean (mind not to use “normal” green beans; eaten raw, thei`re toxic!), cut in 3 cm pieces

– 1 tbsp dried mini-shrimps

– 1 tbsp roasted, unsalted peanuts

– 3 tbsp fish sauce

– juice of 1 lime

– 3 tbsp brown sugar or palm sugar

– 1 tbsp rice vinegar

– chili, sliced (as much as you like; depending on you and the spiciness of the chili)

– 6-8 fresh or frozen shrimps

– 2 spring onions or 1 small red onion

1. Soak the noodles and the mini-shrimps in hot water (separately) for some minutes.

2. Prepare the vegetables.

3. Fry the shrimps on both sides with some vegetable oil, add some water and put a top. When they`re done, remove the shell and half the long way.

4. Cook the noodles until they`re done.

5. Mix the fishsauce with the soaked mini-shrimps, the sugar, the lime juice, the chili and the rice vinegar.

6. Mix it all together.

Enjoy the salad! It remains fresh for some days if you keep it refrigerated.


Author: selmamatter

Hey there I´m a swiss student living in Zurich. My blog is about foreign food and lifestyle; I choose one country per week to blog about.

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