One Country A Week | Foreign Food & Lifestyle Blog

A swiss girl chooses one country per week and lives that countries´ life cooking it´s food and publishing recipes and much more.




Fried rice balls recipe:

Homemade bubble tea recipe:

Soba noodle salad recipe:

Onigiri recipe:

Grilled small skewers with chicken recipe:

Ramen noodle soup recipe:

Dango (japanese rice dumpling) recipe:




Pan Con Tomate Recipe:

Albóndigas (meatballs with tomato sauce) Recipe:

Spanish Tortilla Recipe in 3 easy steps:

How to make Churros at Home:

Spanish melon-based Smoothie Recipe:

Spicy Potato Croquettes Recipe:

Mushrooms with garlic and parsley:




Pad Thai Noodles Recipe:

Coconut Pancakes with Pandan Leaf Topping:

Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce:

Tom  Kha Gai with Thai Style Cucumber Salad:

Sticky Rice with sweetened Coconut Milk and Mango:



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