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Except for Pad Thai Noodles and sweet dishes you often find Satay (small skewers with chicken or beef) on the street markets of Thailand. It`s served with a spicy peanut sauce and some jasmine rice. All people love satay: The ones who make it love the simple and super fast preparation and the people who buy and eat it like how delicious and easy to eat it is. One more plus is Continue reading


Homemade Coconut Ice Pops

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Homemade Coconut Ice Pops

Yesterday when I came home from jogging, I had a cold shower but I still felt quite warm. So I made a thai inspired ice pop with berries – yummy! I have a “machine” that you can cool down to make ice pops within 5 mins, but before buying that I used to make it with common ice-pop-makers and it was delicious too. You can experiment with the ingredients, but I used:
– some coconut milk, 1:1 with water
–1 teasp. sugar per ice pop
– some frozen raspberries and blueberries

My lunch of today

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My lunch of today

I had Tom Kha Gai with thai style cucumber salad and jasmine rice for lunch. It was just right for a sunny spring day like this one: Refreshing, spicy and not too hot.

By the way: If you wonder about using a fork instead of chopsticks – against the thinking of many people, using chopsticks isn´t common in Thailand! They use to eat with knife, fork and spoon like we do.

Growing Thai Basilic on the Balcony

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Growing Thai Basilic on the Balcony

Thai basilic is one of the essential ingredients for all thai curries. It belongs to the same family as “our” common basilic, but it has its own special taste that is necessary for many thai dishes. Some days ago, my boyfriend gave me some small thai basilic plants; I didn´t think that the swiss sun would be enough to make them grow! It`s perfect, now I don´t have to buy thai basilic anymore and it`s always fresh and without pesticides 🙂
So why don`t you buy some thai basilic seeds too?

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Pad Thai Noodles Recipe



Pad Thai Noodles is the most common food on the streets of Bangkok; there are so many street kitchens with such a big concurrence that the all have to specialize on one or two dishes. That`s why you find the best Pad Thai Noodles on the street markets. This recipe is inspired by my remembers of our Thailand-Trip three years ago and the recipe that we learned when we went to a cooking class in Bangkok. Continue reading