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Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk and Mango

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Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk and Mango

In Thailand, sticky rice with sweetened coconut milk and fresh mango is a common dish eaten for lunch or dinner. I love it and because of it`s sweetness I prefer eating it as dessert or for breakfast; it`s also delicious with strawberries or other fruits. If you use mango, use asian mango, it has just another taste then the south american mango.


– Glutinous (sticky) rice, as much as you want

– 1 asian mango, sliced

– 1 cup coconut milk

– 5 tbsp sugar

1. Pre-soak the rice for at least 2 hours

2. Cook the rice in the rice steamer until it`s done.

3. Warm the coconut milk with the sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

Serve the rice hot or cold, how you like; in my opinion cold sticky rice is more delicious.


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Homemade Bubble Tea Recipe – How To Make Tapioca Pearls From Tapioca Flour!



Some years ago, bubble tea became a trend in Switzerland and as far as I know it´s popular in Asia and America since the 90s. But there are discussions all the time about the negative influence of bubble tea on our health; some people say, that it`s worse than coke and other soft drinks because of the quantity of sugar and artificial substances. That`s why I tried to make my own bubble tea with homemade tapioca pearls; I was very successful! It smelled like the best bubble tea in town, but much fresher. Besides, I was able to make it how I like it: With rice milk instead of milk and with matcha instead of common green or black tea. Continue reading