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Recipe: Yam Woon Sen – Thai Style Glassnoodle Salad



Yam Woon Sen is a quite hot glass noodle (vermicelli) salad. I love it `cause the chili warm you up while the dishes´ texture with the noodles and the shrimps cools you down; it`s perfect for warm summer days to refresh you when you don`t like heavy foods. Continue reading


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Spanish Tortilla Recipe – how to make tortilla in 3 easy steps!

BildSpanish tortilla

There`s a big difference between tortilla and tortilla; the mexican tortilla is known all over the world and it´s a kind of wrap. But the spanish tortilla doesn´t have much to do with it: It`s an omelet with onions and potatoes! Spanish people eat tortilla as whole meal, as tapa or as a cold snack to take to school and work. It`s delicious and nutritious, just how a dish has to be, and it`s fast to make. Continue reading

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Homemade Bubble Tea Recipe – How To Make Tapioca Pearls From Tapioca Flour!



Some years ago, bubble tea became a trend in Switzerland and as far as I know it´s popular in Asia and America since the 90s. But there are discussions all the time about the negative influence of bubble tea on our health; some people say, that it`s worse than coke and other soft drinks because of the quantity of sugar and artificial substances. That`s why I tried to make my own bubble tea with homemade tapioca pearls; I was very successful! It smelled like the best bubble tea in town, but much fresher. Besides, I was able to make it how I like it: With rice milk instead of milk and with matcha instead of common green or black tea. Continue reading

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Traditional Japanese Breakfast



The japanese style coddled egg is made with pickled garlic, spring onion and ghee instead of butter. Besides I had some white radish and a carrot, spiced with sesame paste (tahin), black sesame and some lime juice.

Yesterday I made japanese breakfast the first time. It takes some mins more than usual “western” breakfast, but it´s worth the effort! Having japanese breakfast, I´m not hungry all day long. How japanese people say: The breakfast is the most important meal! Because a good day starts with a good and nutritious breakfast. Continue reading