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My dinner of Saturday Night

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My dinner of Saturday Night

Yesterday I had Yam Woon Sen glass noodle salad ( and some Laab Namtok meat salad for dinner. I had some ground meat left from the lunch, so I used made Laab Namtok with a special seasoning mix and fresh peppermint. Loved it 🙂


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Recipe: Yam Woon Sen – Thai Style Glassnoodle Salad



Yam Woon Sen is a quite hot glass noodle (vermicelli) salad. I love it `cause the chili warm you up while the dishes´ texture with the noodles and the shrimps cools you down; it`s perfect for warm summer days to refresh you when you don`t like heavy foods. Continue reading

Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk and Mango

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Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk and Mango

In Thailand, sticky rice with sweetened coconut milk and fresh mango is a common dish eaten for lunch or dinner. I love it and because of it`s sweetness I prefer eating it as dessert or for breakfast; it`s also delicious with strawberries or other fruits. If you use mango, use asian mango, it has just another taste then the south american mango.


– Glutinous (sticky) rice, as much as you want

– 1 asian mango, sliced

– 1 cup coconut milk

– 5 tbsp sugar

1. Pre-soak the rice for at least 2 hours

2. Cook the rice in the rice steamer until it`s done.

3. Warm the coconut milk with the sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

Serve the rice hot or cold, how you like; in my opinion cold sticky rice is more delicious.

My lunch of today

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My lunch of today

I had Tom Kha Gai with thai style cucumber salad and jasmine rice for lunch. It was just right for a sunny spring day like this one: Refreshing, spicy and not too hot.

By the way: If you wonder about using a fork instead of chopsticks – against the thinking of many people, using chopsticks isn´t common in Thailand! They use to eat with knife, fork and spoon like we do.

Growing Thai Basilic on the Balcony

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Growing Thai Basilic on the Balcony

Thai basilic is one of the essential ingredients for all thai curries. It belongs to the same family as “our” common basilic, but it has its own special taste that is necessary for many thai dishes. Some days ago, my boyfriend gave me some small thai basilic plants; I didn´t think that the swiss sun would be enough to make them grow! It`s perfect, now I don´t have to buy thai basilic anymore and it`s always fresh and without pesticides 🙂
So why don`t you buy some thai basilic seeds too?

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The Structure of the Thai Cuisine



Asian groceries on a market in Thailand

The thai food belongs to one of the most popular asian cuisines. As all asians, thai people use to cook quite healthy food; it`s not as fatless as japanese food but it`s balanced and you cook it following a main principle: Continue reading