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Churros y chocolate: How to make churros at home!

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Apart from pan con tomate ( churros are a very popular breakfast in Spain. They are made from deep-fried sweet dough and spanish people use to eat them with hot chocolate. But they have their very own interpretation of hot chocolate: It`s melted dark chocolate with only a little milk.
So to us the whole thing seems more like a sweet than a common breakfast, but I really loved having churros y chocolate, some fruits and pan con tomate for breakfast. If you don´t like it that sweet, dip it into your coffee instead of chocolate.

I must say, that i had no idea if I would be able to make churros at home. But it`s much easier than it looks like! By the way: You don´t need no fryolator, there wasn´t any problem using a wok. So just give it a try, here`s the recipe 😉


1 cup water

1/2 Cup sugar + 2-3 tbsp. sugar + 1 tbsp sugar

1-2 teasp. ground cinnamon

1 1/1 tbsp sunflower oil

1 cup common wheat flour (or buckwheat flour for glutinous free churros)

1/2 teasp. salt

For the chocolate:

50 gr dark chocolate

2-3 teasp. milk

1. Put the sugar with the cinnamon into a small bowl.

2. Heat the oil with 1 tbsp sugar and the water. When it`s boiling, put on low heat and add the flour and the cinnamon-sugar. Continue mixing it until it forms a ball.


3. Turn off the heat and transfer to a pastry bag

4. Heat the oil. It should be hot but not blubbering; be careful with the hot oil!



5. Put the ca. 15-20 cm long dough pieces into the hot oil. Use scissors or a knife to cut it. Fry until the churros are gold-brown.



6. Take them out of oil.



7. Roll in some sugar and melt the chocolate with the milk.



Enjoy it!



Author: selmamatter

Hey there I´m a swiss student living in Zurich. My blog is about foreign food and lifestyle; I choose one country per week to blog about.

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